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WordPress Development

We don’t just tinker with pre-built WordPress themes. We find ways to make WordPress do exactly what you need it to. We might leverage pre-existing components, like themes and plugins, but only with extensive testing. Where necessary, we’ll simply build the component that best accomplishes your goal. So don’t be fooled by “developers” who really just turn out to be “tinkerers”. We know what’s going on under the hood and the quality of your end product will reflect our passion.


Problem Solving

Sometimes, you don’t know what the right technology solution is to solve your problem. We’ll dig into the problem, look at it from every angle, and recommend the best solutions. If the best solution lies outside our competencies, we’ll help you find someone that’s a better fit. We understand that ‘one-size-fits-all’ packages and off-the-shelf products often don’t meet all your requirements. Our goal is to get your project moving forward.


Ongoing TLC

We get how important your site is to you and your business. That’s why we love to help keep it happy and healthy, either by maintaining and updating the site on an as-needed basis, or via our suite of hosting and maintenance products: automated WP backups and updates via CarefreeWP, premium managed WP hosting via Carefree Hosting, and unlimited WordPress development support via Carefree Personal Developer.

Odds are, we can handle it.

This list of capabilities isn’t comprehensive — we’ve picked up lots of skills and tricks over the years. Wondering if we can handle your project? Let’s talk about it and see how we can help get your project moving forward.

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